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October 2018 - September 2019

August 2019

Hum Ezekiel Foster (husband of) Chum Aundria Foster (Hampton/Newport News Chapter) – transitioned 8/14/19; funeral held 8/20/19

Hum Bengamin Ford (husband of) Chum Babara Ford (Petersburg Chapter) – transitioned 8/10/19; funeral held 8/17/19

Mr. William Wilson (father of) Chum Cheryl Wilson (Cleveland Chapter) – transitioned 8/10/19; funeral held 8/16/19


Mr. George R. Brown, Sr. (brother of) Chum Edna Edwards Williams (Charleston Chapter) – transitioned 8/2/19; funeral held 8/9/19

Mr. Zachary Mack (uncle of) Chum Darlene Adams (Philadelphia Chapter) – transitioned 7/31/19; celebration of life 8/9/19

Ms. Lula Richards (mother of) Chum Juanita Bryant (Philadelphia Chapter) – transitioned 7/26/19; celebration of life 8/2/19


July 2019

Chum Serena Reeves (Fairfield  County Chapter and mother of) Chum Blanche Reeves Tucker (Fairfield County Chapter) – transitioned 7/20/19; homegoing service held 7/25/19

Hum Robert Black (husband of) Emeritus Member, Chum Gloria Black (Cleveland Chapter) – transitioned 7/17/19; homegoing service held 7/27/19

Hum Thomas Wynn (husband of) Chum Cheryl Wynn (Orlando Chapter) – transitioned 7/2/19; memorial service & military honors held 8/3/19

Chum Fannye Banks (Atlanta Chapter) – transitioned 7/13/19; funeral held 7/18/19

Chum Shirley Green (Fort Worth/Dallas Chapter) – transitioned 7/11/19; funeral held 7/16/19


Rev. Aileen Wynne (mother of) Chum Melva Pete (St. Louis Chapter) – transitioned 7/1/19; funeral held 7/12/19

Mrs. Viola Parker (aunt of) Chum Wanda Dean Lipscomb (Greater Lansing Chapter) – transitioned 7/1/19; funeral held 7/9/19

June 2019

Chum Laura Ellis (President of Chicago Chapter and National Recording Secretary) – transitioned 6/18/19; funeral and repast held 7/6/19

Mrs. Lydia White Turner (mother-in-law of) Chum Jessie Turner and (mother of) Hum Robert Turner (Fairfield County Chapter) – transitioned 6/7/19; home-going services held 6/14/19

May 2019

Hum James Adams (husband of) Chum Patricia Adams (Fairfield County Chapter) – transitioned 5/9/19

April 2019

Mrs. Odessa Woodbury Simmons (mother of) Chum Myrna Bolden (Beaufort Sea Island Chapter) – transitioned 4/20/19; service of tributes held 4/25/19; journey of life service & burial held 4/26/19

Hum Major Angress Walker Jr. (husband of) Chum Ruthie Walker (Charleston Chapter) – transitioned 4/14/19; visitation held 4/19/2019; home-going services & military honors held 4/20/19

February 2019

Chum Emeritus Beatrice Strayhorn (Tri-City Chapter) – transitioned 2/20/19; wake held 3/1/19; funeral held 3/2/19

Chum Brenda Williams (Petersburg Chapter) – transitioned 2/11/19; visitation and memorial service held 2/15/19; funeral held 2/16/19

Mr. Thomas Lee Bailey (brother of) Chum Doris Herbert (Greenville Chapter) – transitioned 2/22/19; funeral held 2/25/19

Hum Michael Hudson (husband of) Chum Ronnie Carol Hudson-Whitmer (Greenville Chapter) and (brother of) Chum Gwen Whitmer (Greenville Chapter) – transitioned 5/17/18; 

funeral held 5/21/18

Hum John H. Williams (husband of) Chum Gerldine Williams (Greenville Chapter) – transitioned 2/2/19; funeral held 2/9/19

Chum Loraine Brown (Baltimore Chapter) – transitioned 1/25/19; memorial service held 2/2/19


Mrs. Frances B. Aubrey (sister of) Chum Caroyn Duckett (Atlanta Chapter) and (aunt of) Chums Dione Duckett and Michelle Duckett-Hedgebeth (Atlanta Chapter) – transitioned 2/5/19; 

funeral held 2/16/18

January  2019

Mr. Luther Wauls (brother of) Chum Rita Wauls-Collier (Atlanta Chapter) – transitioned 1/22/19

Chum Loraine Brown (Baltimore Chapter) – transitioned 1/25/19; memorial service held 2/2/19

Chum Emeritus Esther Pratt (Philadelpia Chapter) – celebration of life 1/11/19

December 2018

Chum Zephry Mahon (New York Chapter) – transitioned 12/18/18; funeral held 12/22/18

Ms. Margaret O’Neal (sister of) Chum LaJuanna Jordan (St. Louis Chapter) – transitioned 12/2/18

Ms. Wendell Miller (sister of) and Ms. Hattie Stunson (niece of) Chum Carnell Debow (St. Louis Chapter) – transitioned 12/3/18 and 12/1/18 respectively


November 2018

Chum Aisha Frazier (Cleveland Chapter) – transitioned 11/17/18; funeral held 12/8/18


Ms. Ruth E. Little (sister of) Chum Helen Johns (Washington Chapter) and (mother of) Chum Beverly L. Lofton (Los Angeles Chapter) – transitioned 11/30/18; funeral services 12/28/18


October 2018

Emeritus Member, Chum Mary J. Robinson – transitioned Tuesday, October 30, 2018; funeral held 11/2/18


Chum Barbara Moore (Columbia Chapter) – transitioned 10/27/18; funeral held 11/1/18

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