Chums, Incorporated President’s Message


It is with a humble heart that I begin a second journey as the National President of CHUMS, Incorporated. I am eager to continue the work and legacy of our Founders and Past National Presidents whose vision was a better society and a focused direction on behalf of our children.

CHUMS are united in our mission to develop critical programs to support the enhancement of the youthful leaders of tomorrow. Each member and chapter of our organization understand our primary purpose incorporated in our theme, “listening to our children.”

I am looking forward to continuing to work with our Chapter Presidents and Chum Sisters to carry out the mission of Chums, Incorporated. It is essential we continue to see the need for service to our youth and our communities. Chum Sisters, thank you for standing as a team for our theme, “listen to the children… enrich their lives”.

We continue to co-exist with boycotting elections, disruptive political agendas, and tears of fear for black lives, as our organization stands fundamentally founded after 73 years of service… We Stand as a team, United in Purpose. As we progress through our current social and civic climate, we remind ourselves of the strength of our Founders who united in a time of war and bonded together for the greater good of humanity.

The membership of the CHUMS, Incorporated continues servicing within our organization with the minds of humbleness, the grace of charm, the skill of being capable, and a demeanor of unselfishness within our giving spirits. We embrace sisterhood and connecting arms moving forward, “Listening to our Children.” The CHUMS National shield bears witness to our creed; sharing the brightness of our yellow flower, the aim of support directed by our arrow, and the extended hands of service to our children.

To our friends and families, thank you for continuing to unite with us to make a difference in the lives we touch while We Stand as a Team, United in Purpose.


Your Sister in Chumdom, 

Elizabeth S. Saunders

National President

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Our Message & Mission
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CHUMS promotes civic, cultural, educational, and social improvement. An ancillary focus of the organization is to enrich the lives of children by helping them to develop to their fullest potential on multiple levels.

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Our History

A social and civic club started in Norfolk, Virginia as a friendship between three women. The organization know as Chums, Inc. was founded by Mary Barnes, Joyce Tate Brown, and Theodora Jackson Cora. 

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