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President’s Message:


As we close out 75 Years of Chums, Incorporated, I look forward to year 76. As the 20th National President, it is my privilege to lead and serve you. We embark on a journey that will be very familiar yet very different. Familiar in terms of our principles and purpose. Different in terms of a more focused, intentional, and innovative path. We must live out our founders’ purpose of innovation and growth. As I stated earlier this year, our founders were trailblazers and visionaries. Status quo was not their legacy. Intentional Excellence is our mantra!


Our Past National President, Chum Elizabeth Saunders, also took us on a journey. “Chums on the Move” was intentional and necessary. The Covid-19 Pandemic that put our lives on hold only made the journey slower. It did not stop us. We achieved extraordinary accomplishments during extraordinary and sometimes devastating times.


As Chums, and based on our constitution, we have a fiduciary duty to leave our communities and, especially our children, in a better place. Our children are more in need of our support than ever before. Covid not only effected our immune health, it left families without jobs and consequently health insurance, housing, sub-standard education, mental health concerns, food shortages and much more. As a result, our children need us more than ever. We must step up our level of service…we must make an impact in our communities. I am asking for active participation to ensure our success. Intentional Excellence requires us to utilize all our experience and talents to make the biggest impact in our communities. Your ideas and suggestions are necessary to embark on this journey. I can’t wait to see what we can do when we commit to the process of service.


And finally Chum Sisters, I ask you to embrace your own uniqueness and talents. You are the key…our secret weapon…to innovate and grow our organization; to make a significant impact on our communities. If we lead with HEART, LOVE and COMMITMENT, we serve with HEART, LOVE and COMMITMENT!

God bless each of you as we embark on this journey together!


Yours in Service and Sisterhood,


Barbara J. Neville, National President

Chums, Incorporated

Our Message & Mission
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CHUMS promotes civic, cultural, educational, and social improvement. An ancillary focus of the organization is to enrich the lives of children by helping them to develop to their fullest potential on multiple levels.

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Our History

A social and civic club started in Norfolk, Virginia as a friendship between three women. The organization know as Chums, Inc. was founded by Mary Barnes, Joyce Tate Brown, and Theodora Jackson Cora. 

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